Fire Prevention in the Kitchen

kitchen fire

Cooking is reported to be the leading source of fires and injuries in the United States.  Before you stop cooking altogether and reach for the take away menu take you can prevent cooking fires by taking extra precautions.

Preventing Cooking area Fires

Your cooking area does not need to be a firetrap. The USFA recommends that you take a number of steps to make sure that your kitchen doesn’t go up in flames.

Never move away from what you are cooking.

  • Remain in the kitchen at all times when cooking but especially if you fry, boil, or grill.
  • If you do leave after that kitchen, even for a moment or 2 always turn off the heat.
  • Making use of a timer when cooking and checking food regularly.

Only cook if you are in a fit state

  • Don’t cook on the range if you have actually been consuming alcoholic beverages
  • Avoid making use of the stove if you are exceptionally sleepy
  • Don’t prepare under the influence of other drugs or mind-altering medicines
  • Clear Your Food preparation Surfaces

Keep combustible products such as wooden spoons, pot holders, towels, and paper towels away from the stovetop

  • Clean the oven routinely to remove any food debris as well as tidy up spills promptly
  • Tidy stovetops regularly, removing oil and food particles
  • Keep flammable products such as paper packaging or plastic bags away from appliances such as toasters, deep fryers, or electrical skillets.


Use Your Equipment Intelligently

  • Read the maker’s directions as well as safety warnings for all appliances and follow them very closely.
  • Register all new home appliances instantly so you can obtain recall details.
  • Act upon item notices right away.
  • Clean your variety hood of oil buildup regularly.
  • Examine the power cords on all home appliances frequently and change them if they are frayed.
  • Totally cool little appliances before storing them.
  • Do not make use of expansion cables. Plug devices straight into outlets.
  • Keep all home appliances tidy and also without crumbs, oil, and also various other food debris.
  • Have appliances serviced regularly to keep them in excellent working problem.


Maintain Personal Safety


  • Do not put on loosened garments around cooking areas, especially loosened sleeves.
  • Roll up sleeves to keep them away from cooking areas.
  • Took in your shirts prior to food preparation.
  • Tie back lengthy hair to keep it far from cooking surface areas.
  • Keep kids as well as animals away from cooking surface areas.
  • If you have kids in the house, take into consideration using the back burners of the cooktop.


General Safety Recommendation


Prevent overflows of oil by not overfilling containers as well as pans.

Keep steel out of the microwave.

Be careful when lighting a pilot light or fire.

Don’t leave candle lights and ignore them.

Keep Discharges from Leaving Control


If you do have a fire, keep it in control making use of these ideas:


Install a smoke detector outside your kitchen area

Maintain a completely dry chemical fire extinguisher in the kitchen area.

Don’t place water on a grease fire.

By taking the above safety measures, you can avoid fires in your kitchen area. A more secure kitchen will keep you and your family safe.

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