How to Prepare Delicious and Healthy Desserts


Desserts are usually regarded as food that will add more calories to the body, thus make one overweight and fat. This is actually not true. By incorporating the right amount of a healthy dessert to a meal, the body will definitely gain benefits rather than calories. As the body gets an ample amount of sweets it craves for in a day, the body will become less deprived of sweet food, and therefore reduce weight. Food cravings, especially for sweets like ice cream, cakes, and chocolates would be much if the body is deprived of it. And once you gave in to a large amount of sweets, you will only gain more that expected. What you should do is to incorporate the sweets into healthy desserts so that the body will be able to get it regularly and avoid cravings.

healthy-dessetsTo prepare delicious desserts, the first step is to consider what you want or crave for. If you want something sweet, yet healthy and nutritious, you can always choose to top your favorite ice cream with fruits. A nice smoothie or slushy can be mixed with fruits as well. There are actually many ways to incorporate sweets with fruits for a healthy dessert or snack.

Another way to prepare a healthy and delicious dessert is by taking the quality of the dessert into consideration. Some cakes and pastries are made from the finest ingredients, which means no artificial flavors or sweeteners are added to it. This is a good choice in choosing what to prepare for desserts, while avoiding unhealthy flavorings that may tend to keep you craving for more. Quality ingredients are flavorful and will surely satisfy your cravings, instead of going for ‘cheaper’ desserts that contain high calorie contents. Nutritionists suggest that, to satisfy sweet cravings while giving consideration to nutritional balance, food that contains fiber and protein should be added to sweets.

You can also maximize your sweet desserts by cutting on the sugar and substitute it with sweet-flavored fruits like banana, mango, and many more. Fresh fruits are known to be sweet, delicious, and tasty, and more than that, fruits contain lots of Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are essential to boost your health. A fruit-flavored smoothie is a delicious snack or treats that you can have each day, provided that you will avoid adding sugar and artificial flavor to it. There is fruit syrup that can make a smoothie flavorful.

Another way to make a healthy and delicious dessert is by changing your choice of desserts. You can choose a whole grain cake or a fruit pie instead of the commercial cakes and pastries available in the market today. Knowing what is added to the food that you are eating will give you the information about its health benefits. It is always a good idea to check on the list of contents before you finally pick one, and disregard the food that will tend to give you more calories and cause you to weigh more. There are also lots of recipes for healthy desserts available on the internet, in case you want to make your own at home.

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